What is CBN?

About Cannabinol

CBN is short for cannabinol. CBN was identified long before CBD; CBN is recognized as one of the many minor cannabinoids that contribute to hemp’s therapeutic potential. More than 113 different cannabinoids were identified as part of the cannabis plant. CBN is one of these family members.

What are the health benefits of CBN?

CBN works within your endocannabinoid system like CBD and CBG. So it works by helping to regulate many crucial functions within your body. Additionally, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBN can promote sleep since it works directly with your CB1 receptors.

Where does CBN come from?

CBN, like CBD, is derived from hemp. Hemp plants are known for their high CBD content and produce more than 110 cannabinoids, including CBN. While plant enzymes, heat, and ultraviolet light can convert cannabigerolic acid to CBG, CBD, and THC, CBN is produced another way. This non-intoxicating cannabinoid results from the natural breakdown of THC. This process occurs over time from oxygenation and decomposition.