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    Enjoy Hemp Delta-8 Cartridge

    Delta 8 Cartridges

    950mg each  

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    Enjoy Hemp Disposable Vape

    Delta THC Disposables
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    Five CBD Lavender Oil 1500mg

    CBD Tincture

    The original. The product that started the CBD movement, but more powerful than ever. Packed with minor cannabinoids and terpenes, this is a full spectrum tincture unlike any other.

    Our tinctures are made by combining our powerful hemp extract with organic MCT oil. We use natural extracts to create our citrus, lavender, and chocolate mint varieties. Each tincture tastes great and is even better for you.

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    Good Hemptations CBD+CBG

    Full Spectrum Softgels

    CBG (cannabigerol) has been called “the stem cell of the hemp plant.” When a young hemp seed first begins to sprout, it produces CBGa (cannabigerolic acid). As the plant grows and begins to reach maturity, it starts converting CBGa into THCa and CBDa, which eventually become the THC and CBD molecules we are familiar with. CBG is being studied for its powerful interactions with a number of chronic conditions.

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    Good Hemptations Relief Formula

    CBD+CBC Softgels

    Our Relief Formula hemp oil softgel capsules are a full spectrum, whole-plant extract that features a 3:1 ratio of CBD to CBC. Additionally, the full spectrum of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other hemp compounds are available and work synergistically with the higher concentrations of CBD and CBC. Discovered over 50 years ago, CBC is considered one of the “big six” cannabinoids prominent in medical research. It doesn’t get as much attention, but CBC’s benefits are extremely promising. Most notably, CBC has been gaining renown for its pain-fighting abilities in chronic pain communities.

    Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, CO2-Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin (Bovine)

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    Good Hemptations Softgel with Curcumin 25 mg

    Nano CBD Softgel

    Our premium CBD Softgels with Curcumin are specially formulated to support joint health. Each capsule combines our CBD enhanced through nanoemulsion technology with curcumin, a powerful compound derived from turmeric. Water Soluble Nano = Game Changer! Miracle in a bottle!

    Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Curcuminoids, Polysorbate Emulsifiers, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Beta Caryophyllene, Bovine-Derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol and Water.

    Special softgel formulation. Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric that has been used for thousands of years to maintain healthy joint function.

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    Receptra Gummies Serious Relief

    CBD Edibles

    Whether you are lifting weights, lifting kids and groceries, or just lifting yourself out of bed; pain is a real thing. Even minor irritations in joints and muscles can impact your mobility as well as your focus. Receptra Ginger Peach Serious RELIEF 33 CBD Gummies for Pain are a natural and enjoyable way to combat daily aches and pains.

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    Receptra Relief + Turmeric

    CBD Tincture

    The Elite formula is for those who partake in moderate to extreme physically active multiple times a week or have physical discomfort. Receptra Elite gives you the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition. With 33 mg a dose.

    Receptra Elite is for those who:
    Enjoy an active lifestyle
    Partake in moderate to intense exercise
    Have mild to moderate discomfort
    Seek calm focus, energy, and restfulness


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    Zadaka Calm 1000mg

    Broad Spectrum Tincture

    key ingredients

    ashwagandha – a powerful stress relief adaptogen

    lavender – known for calming and mood-enhancing effects

    vanilla bean – antioxidants found within vanilla may improve cardiovascular and mental health

    blue chamomile – has been used for centuries for its cooling and calming properties

    does not contain
    artificial flavors, animal products, sketchy ingredients, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, bad vibes

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