Lazarus CBD Pet Treats

Available in 4ct Samplers and 50ct


Our Mobility CBD Dog Treats keep your good buddy happy and on the move. Our Vitality CBD Dog Treats are a great choice for your four-legged friend who loves to get up and go, but also needs to relax and unwind during car rides. Finally, our Digestion CBD Dog Treats support your furry friend’s digestion and your peace of mind.

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Each treat contains 5mg of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. Give one serving every 6-10 hours as needed based on the weight of your pet. We suggest starting at the lower end and increasing to accommodate your dog’s individual needs. Do not exceed 3 servings per day. 1-10lbs = .5 treats 10-20lbs = .5-1 treats 20-40lbs = 1-2 treats 40-60lbs = 2-3 treats 60-80lbs = 3-4 treats 80-100lbs = 4-5 treats 100-150lbs = 5-8 treats


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