iDab iDELTA8 Diamond – Full Gram

Pure Delta 8 Syringe


Delta8 ONLY. This product is for advanced users only.

Our investigation of human rituals continues to yield fascinating insights. Recently we have observed use of a contraption nearly identical to our yanq’izudan-di (roughly translated: “ceremonial spleen enlarger”) in the context of cannabis consumption. Further reconnaissance revealed that it was being referred to as a “dab rig.”

Once we confirmed that it had nothing to do with dance moves from 2015 or with petroleum fuel extraction, we realized we could make a form of iDELTA8 extract compatible with such devices. To be clear, this will NOT ceremonially enlarge the spleen of humans – that would be indicative of a serious medical condition instead of a mind-altering good time. (Our physiology works differently, you see.) No, this is simply a very effective way to enjoy the wondrous effects of iDELTA8.

If you have a “dab rig” or similar device, you can use our SILVER, GOLD, or DIAMOND extracts as you would any other cannabis concentrate. If you want to dab an entire full gram cartridge at once we do not not recommend it, but we can’t stop you from attempting it. Welcome to iDab iDelta.

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Delta8 ONLY. This product is for advanced users only. There are no strings attached to hold you down from the power of pure, hemp-derived delta8. Fasten your seatbelts while you are wisped away into the stars by the full power of this cannabinoid. There’s no CBD to save you this time, and you will have to be okay with that. Be courageous, little earthlings, and open the eye of your mind. For regular “delta users” this product is just another day at the starship. However, for most of you visiting from CBD world, tread these strange delta8 waters lightly and start with SILVER first, then Gold. We recommend that everyone progress to this level of potency, LAST.

Our iDELTA8 Diamond – Pure Delta 8 Syringe is pre-filled with a gram of hemp derived d8 distillate.

Our Flavors Are Hemp-Legal Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Blackberry Kush (Indica): Also known as BBK, this potent indica is often chosen for its pain management potential and tasty finish. Evidently some earthlings claim to detect aromatic notes of ripe blackberries and fuel in this strain. This is a great choice for beginners who want a fruity taste to calm that potent cannabis grit. (Perhaps one day you can appreciate one of the rare delicacies of our world; Big bang berry beetles.…quite good with toast if you can catch them.)

Blue Dream (Sativa): A calming and euphoric sativa strain native to your California province. The taste blossoms with bright pine and sandalwood notes and hints of citrus-moss. We are told this could produce a full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral stimulation when used in humans. However, our personal experience has been nothing but recurring flashbacks of the “Smurfs” episodes that first alerted us to your existence when they beamed to our planet.

Northern Lights (Indica): Hailed as one of the rarest strains on your planet, this deep, floral, spicey, nutty-wood tasting indica produces a pleasant relaxation of the muscular system and of the delicate brain parts in your cranial vaults.  Stress, pain, insomnia, and depression all meet their match with this classic cannabis cultivar. Gaze up at the aurora borealis from northern latitudes, or just watch Windows 95 screensaver visualizations like we do as part of our psychedelic meditations on our planet.

Pineapple Express (Sativa): The namesake for one of our world’s most cherished examples of intellectual avant-garde human cinema, Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant strain with tantalizing notes of pineapple and pine trees, but not pine nuts, Pine-Sol, or porcupines. Tackle your honey-do lists AND your cantaloupe lists with renewed energy and mental stimulation while you take a ride on this thundering locomotive.

Skywalker (Hybrid): Disney copyright laws have intergalactic effect so we can’t talk about whom this famous hybrid strain is named after. However, we CAN talk about the delectable piney skunky gasoline notes, and the perfect blend of body and mind relaxation you can expect from a true OG strain. You may feel like you can walk on air and/or wield a laser sword after indulging. Or perhaps you’ll just murder everything in your fridge while binge watching the original trilogy. We don’t judge.

White Recluse (Hybrid): Named after the albino arachnid pulled straight from your nightmares – we’ve confirmed this with telepathy instruments – this strain is another very well-balanced hybrid and was rather difficult to find. We fortuitously managed to locate it for your convenience, so you can enjoy the citrusy pungent shimmery cannabis taste  and happy “couch-lock” effects that may accompany a heavy dose. Tread lightly with this beast of a strain. It is truly the most unique strain of the bunch.

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Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Northern Lights, Pineapple Express, Skywalker, White Recluse


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