Cannaflower – OG Kush

CBD Flower


CannaFlower’s 3.5 grams of flower are available in eight delicious strains. If you’re looking for a Sativa, an Indica, or a Hybrid we have you covered. Try Jumble Cookie, Lift, Lifter, OG Kush, Remedy, Rest, Sour Space Candy, or Sour Tsunami the next time you’re craving a relaxing CBD smoke.



Blossom into flavor with our favorite CannaFlower Bud strains! Our 3.5 grams of flower are available in eight different strains. 

Try all of the eight strains or one of our featured flavors. 

One of our favorite strains is the CannaFlower Jumble Cookie. It stands out to us because of it’s warming notes of clove and cinnamon with an undertone of diesel to delight the taste buds. This anytime flower is like a warm cookie strain out of the oven, ready to be your inspiration for your next creative product.

Another featured flower and house favorite is the CannaFlower OG Kush. Think cinnamon and sweetgrass with notes of diesel — it’s the classic dense purple flower with low-THC and high CBD content. Enjoy the soothing experience of relaxing and unwinding with a rich blend of classic terpenes.


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