Method Of Consumption

Taking a tincture sublingually (underneath the tongue) absorbs the oil directly into the mucous membranes found in the mouth. This is considered by many to be the fastest method of absorption. By contrast, food or beverages containing CBD go through your digestive tract before they can be absorbed. This means the amount of CBD which ends up in your system will be relatively low.

CBD can also be applied directly to the skin when using balms, coconut oil or massage oil. These topical products are absorbed through the surface of the skin and interact with localized cannabinoid receptors.

Physical Differences

Someone with a larger body mass will likely require more CBD than a smaller person to achieve desired benefits. Your metabolism also plays a role in how long the body processes and metabolizes cannabinoids. In other words, CBD will typically stay in the body of someone with a larger body mass for longer.

Serving Size

We recommend that first-time CBD users start out with a small serving size and then adjust as needed. If you are not achieving the desired benefits, you can slowly increase your serving size until you do.

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